The APPLAUSE project, which officially ended last year, continues to deliver impact with the latest article published Microelectronic Engineering, volume 286. “Low-Temperature Wafer-Level Bonding with Cu-Sn-In Solid Liquid Interdiffusion for Microsystem Packaging”: can be found as Open Access article here: Low-Temperature Wafer-Level Bonding with Cu-Sn-In Solid Liquid Interdiffusion for Microsystem Packaging – ScienceDirect.

Technical Highlights

  • Wafer-level low-temperature bonding using solid-liquid interdiffusion method.
  • Si and Borosilicate wafers with dissimilar thermomechanical properties have been successfully bonded.
  • The bonding process was carried out at temperatures as low as 170 °C.
  • The interconnection was composed of Cu/Cu6(Sn,In)5/Cu microstructure.
  • Cap-deflection measurements verify that the bonds are hermetic after the bonding and dicing processes.

Congratulations to Vesa Vuorinen, Obert Golim, Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel, Tobias Wernicke, Marta Pawlak, from partner organisations Aalto University and EVG. 

One year after the official project end, two news worthy pieces from APPLAUSE Partner Fraunhofer IZM 

The first is a blog post/interview “Efficiency meets affordability: A robust wafer-level packaging process for low-cost infrared cameras” with Charles-Alix Mannier regarding developments made in Use Case 2: The interview includes a short video of Charles-Alix explaining some of the key innovations made during the project.

The second is a paper and publication “Wafer Level Capping Technology for Vacuum Packaging of Microbolometers,” given at the 2023 IEEE 73rd Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC): (subscription needed).

Congrats to Fraunhofer and APPLAUSE partners for continuing the great work!

APPLAUSE Project Partners held a successful Final Review last week in Paris. Reviewers were impressed with the projects’ technical results linked through our five main Use Cases which were showcased in the demonstration room, alongside scientific posters highlighting technical achievements. Rounding up the event we focused on the exploitation plans for each of the 30 partner organisations, where we expect great impact for Europe. Thanks to all in attendance! We will give an update soon about the public APPLAUSE results. 

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APPLAUSE Project Partners are gearing up for the Final Review next week, 30th-31st January. We look forward to sharing all the results and plans going forward after the official project has ended. It’s been a long journey with COVID19 adding an extra challenge but there has been ongoing excellent collaboration across our different consortium partner organisations – Large Enterprises, SMEs and RTOs and their respective technical teams. Big thanks to them! Looking forward to meeting face-to-face again and sharing the impressive developments! 

Work Package Lead, Dr. Charles-Alix Manier presented a webinar on 1st December 2022 which included reference to the work developed in Use Case 3. Watch the full presentation here:

Specific reference to the APPLAUSE work is from 13 minutes onwards. Thanks to Dr. Manier for this presentation and to the teams involved for the work!

Fraunhofer hold regular webinar sessions, more information here:–in-optical-interconnects-we-trust.html

Time flies! Almost one month ago in Berlin, APPLAUSE held a one-day dissemination session within the ESREF 2022 conference (33rd European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices Failure Physics and Analysis, September 26-29, 2022). More information about ESREF here: ESREF 2022 | 33rd European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices Failure Physics and Analysis

Three sessions were created with six main presentations given by consortium members focused on the results from the project. We had a good-sized audience from the conference attendees, many of whom heard about APPLAUSE for the first time. The day ended with the symposium poster session in which APPLAUSE had nine posters and a large screen showing the infra-red camera capabilities. More than one hundred attendees circulated, discussing the latest technological developments.

This was followed by a two-day ‘summer school’ with nineteen high-quality lectures for more than twenty students and young engineers. More information on the program here: Summer school – APPLAUSE ( The project gives thanks to all those who helped arrange the event, who presented and to the active attendees – all of whom created this great educational event!

Helene Debregeas from Almae Technologies was invited to give a workshop at ECIO (European Conference on Integrated Optics), which was held on May 4th to 6th 2022, in Milan, Italy. The topic of the workshop was “Towards passive hybridization of high-power and high-speed InP transmitters”.

Last month, the APPLAUSE related article, “Demonstrating 170 °C Low-Temperature Cu–In–Sn Wafer-Level Solid Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding” was featured in the IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology popular articles list. Direct link to open access here: Demonstrating 170 °C Low-Temperature Cu–In–Sn Wafer-Level Solid Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore – Congrats Vesa Vuorinen et al.

The next published APPLAUSE related article “Finite Element Simulation of Solid–Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding Process: Understanding Process-Dependent Thermomechanical Stress” can now be found in the most popular IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology reading list (May 2022). Congrats!

Members from the APPLAUSE Project Consortium will be attending the online EFECS 2021 event this week Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th November.

Search for our APPLAUSE ‘booth’ and come and have a chat! Colleagues from KLA ICOS (Belgium) Besi (Austria + Netherlands), IDEAS (Norway), EDI (Latvia), ams Osram (Austria), Nuromedia (Germany) and more will be at the event as well, so don’t hesitate to search for us on the networking tool of the event.

SEMICON Europa is back as in-person event in 2021! This year SEMICON Europa will be co-located with productronica in Munich, Germany, creating the strongest single event for electronics manufacturing in Europe, and broadening the range of attendees across the electronics chain.

The following Applause project partners are warmly welcoming visitors at their booths!